About Clinton Mobley and CJ's Web Services

Clinton MobleyBorn and raised in the rural area of Southeastern Ohio. Clinton enrolled in a summer course that Belmont Technical College provided to High School students. Little did he know way back in 1983, how important computers would become. At that time Clinton had aspirations to become a computer programmer. By the time he graduated from High School (1984) the economy of the area was at an all time low. Clinton was forced to move away from the area like many other of his classmates to find gainful employment. College/Tech school would just have to wait.

By 1987 Clinton found himself living in Columbus, Ohio. Working at The Limited. Computer usage was just becoming a standard in warehouse logistics. As he left The Limited various different jobs came and went all the while he was learning about computer uses.

By 1998, PC’s where becoming common place in households. Clinton received a hand me down PC and became instantly hooked on the internet. He would spend hours upon hours looking at all the information readily available. At this time Clinton also became very interested in the music industry. He found himself out on weekend night’s stage managing a local rock band. As any one whoever has been in local bands know. Money funding is not an easily gotten thing. The band wanted to have a web presence and at that time finding a web designer was few and far in-between. The leader of the band was convinced that it would take 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of dollars to have a web site.

Well this is where it all began. Without having clue on how to design a web site Clinton began his ever learning experience. In a few months time he put together a complete web site for the band and the cost was very moderate. Since he did all the work on his own and used a free hosting service. The only expense was the cost of the domain name.
As fans of the band visited the site their immediate response was who designed this site? He is very talented. The responses went on and on.  All the while he was learning more and more and experimenting with different methods making the website better and better. The band, family and friends became very supportive of his talent and skills.

In 2000 Clinton made the decision to take web site design online courses and on Jan. 1 2001 CJ’s Web Services was born. Over the past years the internet world has changed dramatically and Clinton constantly strives to change with it. Clinton has designed very small sites to very large scale sites and continues to this day.

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“After a number of bad experiences, I was very lucky to find Clinton! He worked fast, was easy to talk to, and had great ideas.

My website turned out fantastic.

I will use him again, and would recommend him to anyone wanting a modern/beautiful website—and an honest person to build it.”

Geoffrey Saign

“Clinton was upfront and very professional in all my inter-actions with him. Once the project was decided, he was available by e-mail or phone. I was pleased with the remake of my website. Highly recommended.”

Bob Rhea, Digital Imaginations Photography

“Clinton is the most exceptional website developer we've ever had the pleasure of working with. His professionalism, attention to detail and ability to explain complex computer code jardon is a simplistic manner is nothing short of amazing. We are always recommending services to others including our own clients. We can't speak highly enough of Clinton and his work!”

Ryan McCormick, Partner at Goldman McCormick Media Relations

“I highly recommend Clinton Mobley. He takes tremendous pride in his work, is thorough and most importantly, he calls you back when he cant answer the phone right away! There was no waiting around wondering if he was on top of our project. He was, in fact, two steps ahead all the time. Another part to all this that matters a great deal, hes affordable. I was lucky to find him, and want to tell the world!”

Bobby Stiener

“My whole experience with this project was great. My website was built to be exactly what I had in mind and the whole process was very cost effective and time efficient. I'm very happy with my results.”

Keller Williams Classic Properties

“Clinton built my site from scratch, did an excellent, cost effective, job and provided excellent consultation, not only on web design, but on implementing my buisness model using the web. Hard to put a price tag on that! Highly recommended!”

Ron Flynn

“Did a great job helping me figure out the best layout for our band. Highly recommended!”

Philip Fibelkorn

“I've had my web site for years now and Clinton always notifies me of any updates/renewals that need to be taken care of. KEEP UP THE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!”

C. Howard Johnson

“I have seen his work over the years and it only gets better. He has a lot of talent and as a customer, we are very satisfied. He is the only one I trust to handle such an inportant matter.”

Kim Powers

“Very helpful web builder. Great communicator. I would recommend this builder to anyone that cares about their website.”

Joe Evans

“Thanks a million for your quick service, your patience and most of all, for walking me through the entire process! You are a God-send and I recommend you highly. Will be calling you again soon for more work.”

Cathy Burrow

“Clinton performed many different tasks for us and I have referred to many of my customers too. All are very satisfied with the personal one on one consultation. Professional and very affordable. Quick to respond to urgent situtations Great job! A+”

Dan Masiello

“Clinton was very prompt from original concept to bringing the web site to completion. Customer service is superb. Thanks for all your help Clinton. Two thumbs-up!”

Eric Jozwik

“Clinton does the best work of any web designer I ever dealt with. He is very creative and prompt!! He responds to every email, phone call, and inquiry. I highly recommend Clinton for any web services one would desire.”

Craig McKinney

“Has done 2 very different jobs for us and both were very satisfactory. Recommended.”

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