Making of our Iron Cross CD Cover

When we did shows back in '85, our flyers were always themed based upon one of our songs. Sven Hendrik Petersen drew up most of those flyers. Armed with just a pen, he used his raw talent & twisted imagination to create these hand outs. Not bad for a guy who was just 16-17 years old at the time.

Sven Hendrik Peterson flyer

When we were in the process of figuring out what to use for the cover now in 2015, we solicited "professional" artists to submit artwork. Although the submissions were very well done, no other artist captured the raw essence of the band, songs & time period quite like Sven did. Besides it seemed appropriate to use artwork drawn by our brother who was actually there & has been part of the IRON CROSS FAMILY since the beginning.

Blood and Honor extracted
Blood and Honor color coreected

We then extracted the drawing from the original 1985 flyer entitled "Blood & Honor". Clinton Mobley then went to work on the coloring and corrections. We finished it off by placing the enhanced artwork in front of an Iron Cross and added the Old English lettering.

Blood and Honor CD Cover art

We also did a Wizard for the tray card

Sven Hendrik Peterson flyer
Wizard CD Tray Card