Affordable Website Design Solutions

CJs Web Services a freelance web site design company owned by Clinton Mobley. I design: complete web sites, WordPress installations and customizations, eBay auction page templates, logos, flyers, graphics, animations, forms, business cards and redesigns existing web pages.

I am located in Columbus, Ohio. I have done freelance project design work locally, across the state of Ohio, California, Florida, Utah, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Hong Kong and I am expanding. Let me help you get your business up and able to compete with the larger companies. You will be receiving more knowledge from other expanding businesses here on the World-Wide Web. Together, we can take your business to bigger & better places.

I do offer a variety of professional services, with affordable rates. This gives the small or large businesses, hobbyists, non profit organizations, eBay auction sellers and individuals all the same opportunities.

Specialties but not limited to are:

  • Standards compliant pages, cross browser and mobile friendly.
  • Custom designs unless you specify you want to use a template or theme.
  • Complete website rebuilds and updates.
  • Web page or site repairs.
  • CSS2 and above, html, html5, xhtml, php MySQL, jQuery technologies
  • Wordpress installs, theme customizations, modifications and plugins
  • Ecommerce stores (Volusion, WP-e Commerce, Opencart and others)
  • Credit Card and Paypal integration
  • SEO friendly pages.
  • Graphic design for web and print.
  • On going maintenance and updates.
  • I am able use other design principles. Just ask.

Most of the web site designs, redesigns, and auction pages are completed within 21 days of start date. It will depend, if the required information needed for the project is received in a timely manner. This ensures a fast web presence for you or your company to compete more quickly, due to everyone is on a time schedule.

Please feel free to visit my Portfolio Pages to view my current and past work history. Then you can request a free quote today, for your design project needs. Anything is possible and I will work hard to give you a professional web site to continue making your business a success.

Latest Design Projects of CJ's Web Services

Top Notch Catering

Top Notch Catering aims to provide fresh, modern catering to the greater Columbus area, in fact, that is our mission statement. Top Notch Catering is the result of years of studying the science of proper food preparation and flavor combination by the head cook and owner, Lora. Lora considers herself a "Foodie" and attends hours of training yearly through food demonstrations and classroom education. She also visits local farmers markets as well as local meat markets to find the freshest, local produce and meats. This is evident due to the bursts of flavor and natural color in every bite of Lora's creations. We believe in highlighting foods natural flavors and never dowse our dishes in sauce.

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Krew Husky

They call me.. J-Kun - with a capital J The rest in how you say it doesn't matter anyway I learn at a place called H-I-S A certian education, I would have to call the best I roll up to school 'bout 8-O-Clock Half an hour later - my teacher starts to talk: Say something simple-something on your mind I give her a poem that kids sing all the time: ABCDEFG-HIJKLMNOP-QRS-TUV-WX & a Y & a Z - ya ABCDEFG-HIJKLMNOP-QRS-TUV-WX & a Y & a Z Huskies in the House - say Yeah "Yeah" Huskies in the House - say Yeah "Yeah" Huskies in the House - say Yeah "Yeah" Huskies in the House - say Yeah, say Yeah Back to the subject at hand Something is special - Huskies understand We're livin' at a place that's oh - so - cold On a Northern island called.. Hokkaido S to the A double P-O-R-O Need translation?... Sapporo Wouldn't have in any other way Since 1958 & you know we're here to stay

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Metro Transmission

Serving San Marcos and North San Diego county since 1983. Metro Transmission specializes in the servicing and repair of automatic and manual transmissions as well as transfer cases. We also install clutches, axles, u-joints, external transmission coolers and more! Performance and heavy duty transmissions are also available.

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TK Productions

TK Productions was born on May 5th 1988. We have been in biz for over 20 years & have our fingers in many aspects of the music & fashion industries. For Example: We rent rehearsal space on a monthly basis to musicians & producers alike * We produce & record new musical artists * Help projects get recording & management contracts * Place dancers, actors & extras into music videos & music related commercials * Photograph up & coming models, actors, musical groups & solo artists * Put on live promotions highlighting current talent mainly in the Hip-Hop, R&B & Rock genres * Provide Industry Contact Lists to musicians, models, actors & others in the entertainment business * DJ, MC & sponsor record release parties, clubs & special events at home & abroad.

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Super Cycles & Scooters

Welcome to the online home of Super Cycles & Scooters LLC. We specialize in the sales and service of gas and electric scooters, ATV's and dirt bikes. We also rent electric and gas scooters to Surfside Beach and Myrtle Beach, SC area. Our close proximity to Pirate Land and Ocean Lakes Camp Grounds makes electric scooter renting easy, convenient and its so much fun for the kids. All of our gas scooter rentals are two seater's and are the best value in the Myrtle Beach area. Super Cycles & Scooters LLC has been serving the Grand Strand area for over 7 years..

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Anti-Aging Psychology for Holistic Health & Wellness

Oprah-featured author Dr. Michael Brickey is creating a revolution in anti-aging. Fed up with all the bull@#* about aging? Trash the pills, needles, diets, surgeries, and low expectations. Use your brain."I rarely use blue language, especially not on radio, TV, or in speeches, but what else can you call that age leeching garbage?--the geezer jokes, the over-the-hill drivel, the experts who study how your parents and grandparents aged and expect you to age that way." Don't swallow the low expectations people are feeding you.

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Views From A Treehouse

Views From A Tree House is a vantage point from which community and public health professionals can gain far-reaching new outlooks on issues of sexual health, wellness, and more.For over 25 years, Dr. Tizzano has combined healing insights, compassionate humor, and behavioral expertise to provide agencies and their clients with innovative tools to effect long-lasting positive change in their lives. This Web site details the many Tree House workshops and services now available to agencies, as well as the latest project under development, Sanctuary for Change, a curriculum for women with histories of substance abuse and trauma and at high risk for HIV and sexually transmitted infections.

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A professional web presence for you and your company is a standard you can no longer go with out. My services fill the gap that even those with the strictest budgets. Below are some highlights of the quality work you will receive.

You will receive courteous professional and fast project turnaround.

Very creative, I can use your ideas and guidelines and design from them. Or I can go completely from scratch if necessary.

Design uniquely to your business or personality. I do not use templates for my sites. All layout and designs are original. Unless you have one you want to use.

I work one on one with each of my clients.
I will assist you in every step of the way. I ensure you have a completed web site to your specifications. I will make recommendations choosing your domain name ( and web hosting solutions that will suit your needs. Files are sent electronically for your convenience, uploaded to your server or host and I can send files via postal mail if necessary. You will see a mockup layout that can be revised.

Free phone and e-mail consulting provided. Many web design firms charge you for phone and e-mail communications.

Search engine friendly. Meta tags are placed on your pages . I also include other search engine enhancements such as robots .txt files and recommend the type of content to placed on your pages. For additional fees I can submit your completed web site to search engines.

I use CSS Style Sheet and latest technologies to give a fun, educational and sophisticatedly planned out site for your visitors to view.

Cross browser compatibility. Users of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Chrome and Opera browsers will see your content.

Design your pages for fast page loads in mind.

Install and customize programming. Forms, databases, PHP, My SQL, shopping carts, PayPal, java scripts, jquery, ASP, and CGI languages.